Details the uses and effectiveness of sulfur soap to treat a variety of skin conditions

Acne Teatment

Acne Treatment

Sulfur Soap

1. Don't worry! This is easier said than done, but remember over 80% of people suffer some form of acne during their lives. The most common type, acne vulgaris, which includes pimples like whiteheads and blackheads, is generally controllable and will eventually disappear.

2. Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of regular exercise, this all helps to keep your body running smoothly and your hormone levels in balance.

3.Try not to touch pimples with your hands, this may spread the bacteria to other parts of your body and promote body acne. If you must touch or squeeze clean or sterilize first.
4. Wash the effected areas twice a day with sulfur soap. Be gentle, work the soap into the skin starting at the forehead and moving to the nose, cheeks and chin. Continue for approximately 2 minutes.

5. Do not scrub the skin or over wash. This may irritate the skin stimulating sebum production and eventually creating more acne.

Sulfur Soap 6. Use steam to open up skin pores. Place boiling water in a bowl, be careful. Place your face over the bowl making sure you are not so close that your face burns. Use a clean towel over your head to trap the steam and keep it around your face. Doing this for a few minutes every couple of days will help to cleanse the face and keep skin pores open. Used in conjunction with a sulfur soap wash this is one of the most effective acne treatments.